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A touch of neon

21 Aug

Four months have passed since Didi  and I have planned to have a photoshoot at my grandma’s house. And last week was the time that we nailed that plan 🙂   Ate Joyce (Didi’s sister) was also with us.

Fine weather, light make up and a talented photographer matched with the perfect color-blocking outfit just made my day 🙂  These Neon colored clothes lit up my mood, and maybe when you’re done reading my post, yours too. 😀  And here are the results.

i really love this pose. whenever i see it, i feel like i have seen it in a magazine or somewhere :)))

look what my magic closet have provided me. 🙂 isn’t that inspiring?

custom made shoes designed by me made by Mr. Gary – family friend

this beautiful garden never gets old

DIY necklace

it’s my mom’s but she has another one so this one is mine now 😀

Owl ring – bought it at Landmark

Custom made Shoes

credits to Elpee Abias. Go ahead and visit his page 😀


“As time passes, almost everything get’s old, rusty and sometimes obsolete; and when that happens, a matter of change is needed.”


Ahoy mate!

16 Aug

August 15, 2012

Nautical inspired outfit for an ordinary Wednesday 🙂 A photoshoot with my A-Fash sisters for the second time. YEY!

i’m a sailor, waiting to board my ship.

Top – found on my magic closet
Skirt – thrifted

Nail art by Didi – my friend

awesome bag – loving it

just my size 🙂

* with my Ateneo Fashionista sisters, A-Fash :’)

*(left to right) – lhea – krissel – ching – didi – danica


12 Aug

well, hello there! I’m abby. a young fashionista reaching out for the world. LOL i primarily made this blog to share my style of dressing and maybe some of my adventures in life. 🙂 most clothes i use for styling my day are just the stuff that can be found on my magic closet, it’s because some of them are things that i never thought i have 😀 and this is the first time i ever used a blog haha GOOD LUCK for me then. Hoping readers will appreciate my post.  well, that’s about it. end of introductions. take care! :*


*photo taken last January 22, 2012. when i attended nikki’s (my ermana) debut 🙂