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Been long gone

3 May

Oh my gosh! I didn’t have the courage to update my wordpress until now. 😂

Anyway, looking at my old photos made me think how I’ve manage to change so much for the past few years. That’s why I’m blogging now (obviously). 😂 How time really flies fast when you’re busy living your life. And life itself ain’t easy. 

There may be times that problems and challenges were inevitable in life, but always remember there are no big or small (whatever that maybe) that you can’t handle. So yes, learn to accept, move on and love more. ❤️



: Anyone curious what happened while I wasn’t blogging? Well, just a few.

I finished college with a degree in B. S. Psychology last 2014.  Just finished the short course Caregiving. Recently turned 21 (though i still look 12). And now, about to take the biggest leap I would take in my whole life: I enrolled in Doctor of Medicine. 🎉 It’s something to celebrate right? 😁 Wish me luck! I’ll be needing it. 

So for the people who come stumble upon my little update of my journey; I wish you all the best in life and may you enjoy  whatever you wish to have, may it good or bad be thankful anyway. 

God is always with you, all you got to do is PRAY. 

Much love ❤️,