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Horrah for a Comeback

20 Jul

Hello there 🙂 I was too caught up with my life that i forgot that i have a blog. Sorry for that. Any how, here’s my revival post. 😀


Oh so casual yet with style 🙂 We had a photo shoot during that day, featuring Sassy Pink. An online shoppe that sells trendy clothes and accessories for a girly girl like me.


candid shot

Candid! 😀  *me when i saw a puppy*

DIY accessories

DIY candy bracelets and my favorite shoes. (but all of my shoes are my favorite :3)


Thank you Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie for the pictures 🙂 They’re great! :*

“It ain’t really fun if you keep your pictures to yourself. Feels like you’re self discriminating and hoarding some momentous shot.”

much LOVE

xxx ABBY