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A-Fash wears IgKnight

3 Jan

December 19, 2012

Last wash day of the year and A-Fash had a collaboration with IgKnight Inc. 

IgKnight Inc challenged A-Fash to style their tees and promote their products, as a result here we are looking good 🙂


(me- jamie – mark – jessa ajadanicajoyce – didi – ching – sam)

What is Igknight?

Company Overview
IgKnight (ĭg-nīt’) – to set the Knighthood, nobilified by Magis, in every Atenean on fire

It is a student-oriented entity established to primarily boost Ateneo de Naga’s School Spirit and place it on the map of great and known academic institutions in the country, then eventually the world.


The company name IgKnight is a combination of the name of St. Ignatius of Loyola, a former knight himself and the founder of the Society of Jesus, and Knight which are vital symbols of the Ateneo de Naga University. IgKnight, being a homophone of the word Ignite, partially takes on its definition. And thus to “IgKnight” is to set the Knighthood, full of chivalry and valor, in every Atenean on fire.It provides from head-to-toe apparel and merchandise both ready-to-wear and customized. Together with all its aspirations, the company seeks to provide a product line that offers quality, affordability and identity all at the same time.

If you’re interested to know more about IgKnight Inc. You can check IgKnight’s facebook page here.

A-Fashion Challenge with Igknight


For the challenge, here is my look 🙂

IMG_8928I decided to make the shirt look a bit formal, just like having a business meeting or just being a stylish librarian.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith my glasses on, i look nerdy B)

group 3

We, young and beautiful A-Fash are proud Ateneans who wears Igknight Inc.

Check out for our individual post. And also, you can like our facebook page to be updated.

“Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.”

― Ellen DeGeneresSeriously…I’m Kidding

(c) IgKnight Inc

xxx LOVE, abby


Flimsy neon

1 Nov

For my A-Fash sisters, this was supposed to be my outfit for our shoot, theme: boyfriend’s clothes. As what my friend, Didi told me that the theme was so me. 🙂 Honestly, i enjoy wearing loose clothes and also boys shirts. I just love the feeling of how comfortable and fresh it is.

Neon is LOVE

Le Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

(c) Marielle Bernardo photography

Follow her at twitter, she follows back too. 🙂

Lighter than blue

20 Oct

September 23, 2012

YEHEY! I had a very successful, fulfilling and relieving Sunday 🙂 Successful because my group in one of my major subject had our facilitation in one school at Magarao, Camarines Sur. as our final course requirement, and it was a blast! I admit, it was tiring-to-the-bones from planning, making of modules, preparations and stuff but a very fulfilling experience because we know our hard work was worth it based on the participation level, enthusiasm and feedback of our participants. And also relieved because foe me, this requirement was one of the most stressful but challenging.

And Because of that, i decided to post my looks last August 22, 2012. 😀 Sorry, i forgot to post it. 🙂 Anyway, here it is:

hello there! :”>

denim and neon – great combination


victoria’s secret PINK dogtag

my A-Fash family 🙂

* photography by Joyce of Frances and Flair 

A touch of neon

21 Aug

Four months have passed since Didi  and I have planned to have a photoshoot at my grandma’s house. And last week was the time that we nailed that plan 🙂   Ate Joyce (Didi’s sister) was also with us.

Fine weather, light make up and a talented photographer matched with the perfect color-blocking outfit just made my day 🙂  These Neon colored clothes lit up my mood, and maybe when you’re done reading my post, yours too. 😀  And here are the results.

i really love this pose. whenever i see it, i feel like i have seen it in a magazine or somewhere :)))

look what my magic closet have provided me. 🙂 isn’t that inspiring?

custom made shoes designed by me made by Mr. Gary – family friend

this beautiful garden never gets old

DIY necklace

it’s my mom’s but she has another one so this one is mine now 😀

Owl ring – bought it at Landmark

Custom made Shoes

credits to Elpee Abias. Go ahead and visit his page 😀


“As time passes, almost everything get’s old, rusty and sometimes obsolete; and when that happens, a matter of change is needed.”