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Lady Isabel

1 Jan

December 31, 2012

Last day of the year and decided to wear something that resembles the Victorian era. 🙂 Been reading Isabella I of Castile short biography and somehow became my inspiration for this look.



From her biography, i learned that she was born on April 22, a day before my birthday. Well, that’s something.


These books are old, dated way back World War 2.




Christmas gift by my dear mother. All pretty girls deserve an awesome shoes.:) This 2013, i decided to have a collection of shoes.



Lady Isabel I is a religious woman, so am I here 😀

“2012 was an awesome year, full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and full of discoveries. I would like to thank all those people who have crossed my way, some went and some stayed. But life doesn’t end there, we keep moving forward.

Hoping to have a meaningful and blessed 2013 ahead.”

Photography: Jem Delmonte, Krizza Lapu-os

xxx Love, abby


Obsolete prints and patterns

2 Nov

Been too old-fashioned lately? I don’t know why, but i love them. I had a feeling that i was living my life centuries ago and been reincarnated in the present time. 😀  Hm, maybe that’s why. Anyway, here is my “vintage” look.


short and ain’t stout 😀

In deep trance, for you to think of me

peace be with you

I can be wackier than you think


leaf bangle bracelet, bangles and dogtag

Le Shoes

Smile – a facial expression that is very contagious

(c) Marielle Bernardo photograpy

“Love is like a tsinelas. It needs a kaparehas” (c)

( love is like a slippers. it needs a pair )

Thank you for the visit :** ❤  ABBY


1 Nov

October 31, 2012

Since its semestral break, i was busy having photo shoots that piled up my photos that needed to be blogged 😀 so expect for 12 new post. YES! Twelve. 🙂 To start it off, here is my first outfit for yesterdays photo shoot.

like a boss


my corporate attire – this is good for our University dress-up day 🙂


my lovely festoon 🙂 perfect for this outfit

Printed  Coat paired with leather shorts

Clock’s ticking

I aint sure what to call this watch. This was given by my grandfather, it was his since he was still in his early 30’s, i guess. 🙂 Quiet antique.

Le Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Thanks to my dear friend, Marielle acting as my photographer of the day 🙂 Follow her at twitter, she follows back.

(c) Marielle Bernardo photography